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Ministry Ideas for Anyone

Here are some ideas of things I believe would be a benefit to Christ's Kingdom. If you are looking for a ministry idea, you are welcome to take one of these and run with it. I would do it myself if I had the time!

1. Research and study America’s stone idols

Search out the carved images in our capitals, particularly in Washington, D.C. such as the statues on the Arlington Memorial Bridge.* It should be discovered what these statues (and others of questionable type) represent and evaluate whether they are honoring to God and our rich Christian heritage or are they pagan or Greek-pagan mythology. We must be realistic as to whether they move citizen and visitor toward the True and Living God of America, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, or move them away from Him. We are required to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ in private thought and in our culture as well (2 Corinthians 10:4-6). Such a study and publishing of such a study would be a step toward ridding our land of idols such as was accomplished in Josiah’s day. This is not to suggest we will do it in the same manner as the King Josiah, the monarch did. We must do it through the system of government we have here in America. But without knowing it needs to be done, it will not get done. 

We must become a godly nation! (Psalm 144:15; Isaiah 60:12). Statues that are on public or federal property are a public endorsement of what the statue represents. As Christians, we are to strive to become a godly nation. We must therefore publicly endorse only those things which honor God. This means that every idol whether a figure in stone or bronze (statue) or a worded declaration engraved in stone or bronze must be removed. See Josiah’s revival for an example of this in 2 Kings 23. Whether it is an idolatrous statue, painting or saying, each must be removed so that all our public representations reflect the glory of God. (Habakkuk 2:13-14)

 What to do with the research
Publish the information on the web. I might be willing to publish it on my website, or establish your own. You could publish a book, booklet, or brochure. You could speak to civic groups on the subject or in churches to inspire godly thinking in culture. 

*Description of Arlington Memorial Bridge: “Flanking the eastern ends of the bridge and parkway are two pairs of monumental Neo-classical equestrian sculpture on identical pedestals. "The Arts of War" by Leo Friedlander stands at the end of the bridge. In "Valor" on the left, the male equestrian is accompanied by a female striding forward with a shield; in "Sacrifice" a standing female symbolizing the earth looks up to the rider Mars. "The Arts of Peace" by James Earle Fraser flanks the end of the parkway. "Music and Harvest" consists of a winged horse, Pegasus, between a male figure with a bundle of wheat and a sickle and a woman with a harp. In "Aspiration and Literature," another Pegasus is flanked by figures holding a book and a bow.”

2. Create New Up-to-date Dictionary by Combining Webster's 1828 Dictionary and new words that are are not in Webster's 1828 Dictionary.

Why do this?
Most of the modern dictionaries have lost a Christian worldview. Some have purposefully disregarded Christian morality and worldview and others have probably slipped into it without unintentionally.

 Consider the word "immoral”:

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary
“Immoral IMMOR'AL, a. [in and moral.] Inconsistent with moral rectitude; contrary to the moral or divine law; wicked; unjust; dishonest; vicious. Every action is immoral which contravenes any divine precept, or which is contrary to the duties which men owe to each other.”

Now check out the American Heritage Dictionary (which has lost our Christian "American Heritage"):

“immoral, adj. Contrary to established moral principles.”

Note that the old Webster’s has the true meaning, being filled with Christian worldview (which is the only correct worldview - John 8:24; Isaiah 8:20). The true meaning of immorality?: "Every action is immoral which contravenes any divine precept…”

What does the American Heritage Dictionary tell us? It tells us that morality is relative, morality may change from generation to generation, or from culture to culture. According to American Heritage it is not God’s law or requirements that set the standard for morality, but simply what is “established” as “moral principles.”

 The Webster’s Dictionary is very helpful in that it gives the student the correct view of the world, the Christian worldview, but it is weak in that it does not contain many words that are new since Mr. Webster lived.

 Note: I do not know the copyright restrictions on the Webster’s 1828. This would need to be discovered and permission received to take up this project. But if it is done, it will be a great benefit to this generation and the generations to come. May God raise up someone to do it!

3. Publish an Encyclopedia from a Christian Worldview

There is a giant need to have an Encyclopedia published from a Christian worldview. Modern encyclopedias remove Christian worldview and important Christian history; they twist things to create an evolutionary world, a world that God did not create, a world where God is not active in the affairs of men.

This would be a massive project. It would cost a lot of money to do it. But it needs to be done. May God raise up someone to do it!


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