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These are Sermons by Eugene Clingman, Pastor of Cornerstone Church of Mountain View, MO. See This is a growing series. Check back periodically for additional messages.

You need Windows Media Player or some other media program that can play MP3 files. You can obtain Windows Media Player by clicking here. If you don't know whether you have such a play on your computer, click one of the sermons and wait up to a minute to see if a program on your computer starts to play the file. To save the file to your computer, right-click on the sermon link and choose "Save Link As".

Romans 1:17 - Righteous Live by Faith
Romans 1:18-3:20 - Overview - Whole World Condemned
Romans 1:18-22 - Wrath of God Revealed, Part 1
Romans 1:18-19 - Wrath of God Revealed, Part 2
Romans 1:18 - No Neutrality
Romans 1:18-25 - Worship & Sabbath
Romans 1:24-27 - Sexual Perversity
Romans 1:28-32 -  Reprobate Mind
Romans 1:28-32 -  Reprobate Mind, Part 2

Romans 1:28-32 - They Know, Do & Approve and Don't Repent, ReproMind

Romans 2:1-16 - Guilty Whether Educated or Ignorant

Romans 2:17-29 - Neither Baptism nor Hypocrisy will Save You


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