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These are Sermons by Eugene Clingman, Pastor of Church of the Cornerstone Spirit and Truth. CCST meets in Winona, Missouri. Send email to ask for the times and location (email link at bottom of page). This is a growing series. Check back periodically for additional messages.

You need Windows Media Player or some other media program that can play MP3 files. You can obtain Windows Media Player by clicking here. If you don't know whether you have such a play on your computer, click one of the sermons and wait up to a minute to see if a program on your computer starts to play the file. To save the file to your computer, right-click on the sermon link and choose "Save Link As".

Infant Baptism
* Teaching given at the baptism of Eugene & Edna Clingman's daughter.
* Service & Teaching during the baptism of Lemuel Fide Clingman, our son.
Obedience Brings Earthly Blessings
God has promised that His blessings would follow those who walk in His ways. These blessings include every area of life and though not every individual experiences every possible blessing (some die early, some die a martyr's death, some God tests for a lifetime) yet, like Abraham who saw the promises afar off, we too should expect God to bless us and our descendants after us.
The Kingdom of Christ
What will be the course of history on planet earth? The Sovereign God has will guide the nations into the Kingdom of God by means of the preaching of the Gospel of Christ.
Inerrancy is a foundational doctrine on which all other doctrine rests. Jesus said, "...the Scripture cannot be broken..." (John 10:35). The Bible is without error and is trustworthy. This is the essence of Inerrancy.
One Another
The Bible has many admonitions of how to act toward other people, and especially toward fellow believers. The "one another" passages bring many of these to light.

Roses of Reconstructionism
Jesus is building His Kingdom. His Kingdom is more than the Church!

Deu 33, 26-29, None Like God or His People, Part I
There is no other God! And this unique God makes choices among nations and among individuals. God is unique, and God has made for Himself a unique people.
Deu 33, 26-29, None Like God or His People, Part II
Part II of above.
Observe the Resurrection, Easter Sunday 2007
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is imbedded in historical fact and reality. More than a few non-believers have set out to demonstrate that the Resurrection is a farce only to become convinced of the truth of the Resurrection. It takes more faith to reject the Resurrection than to accept it and the eternal significance of it. Observe the Resurrection and believe!
Psalm 144
Victory is assured for Christianity. Christ's religion will eventually be the worldwide religion.
Encouragement for Mothers
God made them male and female. Within the female God created the capacities for motherhood. These are both physical and spiritual capacities. God has endowed women with the great dignity of motherhood, and though some women will never bear children, yet the mothering capacity is nonetheless a gift to those around them, and crowns the woman with honor. Delivered on Mothers Day 2007.
Isaiah 64 1-5

God has worked wonders in the past. God has promised to work wonders in the future. But the the Church yearns for God to act today, now, in history, in our lifetimes; The Church's heart cry is (or should be) "...Rend the heavens and come down, O Lord!"

Fatherhood – the Big Picture
What is the aim and goal of fatherhood? It is a lot more than simply providing for children or getting children to adulthood. Fatherhood is a major component of God's purpose on earth and of his plan for the future.

The Book of Romans
Romans is filled with insight into God's plan to glorify Himself through the salvation of His elect. This is a series that is still being recorded, but you can access the ground we have thus far covered.


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