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Here you will find links to sites we recommend.

Christian Worldview Organizations

    The International Church Council Project
            Site contains many links to other sites.
            Eugene Clingman serves with this key ministry.

    Coalition on Revival website
            Eugene Clingman is Executive Administrator for
            The International Church Council Project and for
            Coalition on Revival
    Vision Forum

    American Vision

    Chalcedon and R.J. Rushdoony

    Summit Ministries

    The Truth Project

    Christian Education Awareness Network (CEANet)


    Solemn Assembly 

Some Favorites
        Excellent Christian Books
        Outstanding Bible Study software for FREE!

    Free Bible Commentary
        Excellent commentary by Dr. Bob Utley written and mp3.
        Free MP3 sermons and audio books! Our favorite speaker?...Paul Michael Raymond.
        Scripture set to song. Free downloads.

Right to Life Organizations

For Righteous Law & Justice

    American Center for Law and Justice

    The Justice Foundation

    The Pacific Justice Institute

    The Rutherford Institute

    Judicial Watch

Clingman Family Business
        We build websites for churches, business, and individuals.

    Granola Delights
        If you like granola, you will love Granola Delights!

     Delightful Diablog
        Eugene's blog

Delightful Diablog

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